Nxgt Updates

Free Reseller Server Move

May 25, 2020

Dear Members,


We have configured a New Server for our Free Reseller Clients, as there was some issue with the old hardware (Now Fixed).  But, some of the customers asked for the new stable server. 

The New Server is now fully Configured, Old clients can ask for there Account Move by creating Ticket. New Users are requested to Place order From our Free Reseller Hosting Page.

Will You Migrate My Data Too ?

No, we don't migrate data. As our prirority goes with our Paid clients who are paying for your Server Renewals also. But yes you can get it migrated with just 10$ one-time charge.

Is it Totally Free ?

Yes, We just added one more server to the list. Where we will add only the quality users.

What happen if i don't move ?

We are giving 10 Days time to our Free Resellers to Get There New Account, Else they will loose there data as the old server will be closed by our team.


Till When You Will Provide Free Reseller Hosting ?

This question can never be answered as its an company decision when to close a service. There is no such decision to be made in near future. But yes, you will be notified when we decide to close our Free Reseller Hosting That is Not so Soon. 


Is It Mandatory To Move My Site To New Server ?

Yes, if you don't move. You will loose your account with the server suspension soon.


Will There Be Any Difference in Plan ?

Yes, We have now limited many things like users, storage & add-on domains etc. To avoid Overusage & spamming of server.


Who Can Claim The New Server ?

Mostly all the valid clients only. Listing Below the Type of Accounts That will not be allowed in new Server.

List of Users to Be Deleted :

  • Free Domain
  • Phishing Files
  • Movie Sites
  • Domain not Hosted on Our Server
  • Any Illegal Content Site
  • User Not Using Valid Details on NxgtHosting Portal
  • Any kind of Spamming
  • Using Server as Storage Device

What's New With This Server ?

We will only keep the valid users on this server, making it more stable for everybody.


Note : The Server Moving Will Start in Few Days. Will get the notification on https://announcements.nxgthosting.com/


How To Get Your New Account : 

  • First of all, Login to your NxgtHosting Account
  • Click Open Ticket
  • Create a ticket asking for New account & Deletion of Old One
    Note : Saying this means that you & your users have downloaded there backup. NxgtHosting is not responsible for Data Loss.
  • Withing 24-72 hours you will get new account added in your account.

How To Get Your Data Moved in New Server :

  • First of all, Login to your NxgtHosting Account
  • Click Add Funds to Your Account
  • Add Rs. 800 or 10$ to your account
  • Now Create a ticket asking for Data Migration on the New Server.
  • Our Team Will Do Your Data Migration & Deduct The Balance From Your Account.


Note : The Server Moving Will Start in Few Days. Will get the notification on https://announcements.nxgthosting.com/


Server Upgrade (Free Reseller Hosting)

May 6, 2020

Dear Members,

We recently faced SQL issue as mentioned in our announcments earlier. So, we thought to avoid such issues in future we shall keep an backup service for our free reseller servers also.

Our company have also decided to move to more powerful servers for our clients better service. 

Thanks to everbody for understanding the situation. Server migration may take 24-72 hours.

Still if you face any issue you can move to our Paid Reseller Hosting. That is on our cloud servers, we offer 100% uptime on all our paid hosting.


MySql Connection Issue (Free Reseller)

May 4, 2020

Dear Members,

We are sorry to say, some of the users using lower version of php or nulled scripts.

So while the recent server upgrade some users mysql got corrupted, if you have the data backup you can restore that.

As We don't provide backup service in Free Servers, you have to do that on your end.

Note : Only Few of MySql Drives are corrupted. Rest of them are working fine.

Sorry for your inconvinence. You can move to our paid servers, we keep daily backup on almost all our servers.

Thanks & Regards